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Check Traffic Summons by SMS - a service provided by DAPAT

Now you can easily check to see if you have any outstanding TRAFFIC SUMMONS via SMS. In cooperation with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) DAPAT is introducing a much faster way to check your traffic summons issued by the traffic police. You only need to send an SMS at anytime and anywhere in Malaysia. It is available for all Malaysian mobile phone owners via an SMS to DAPAT. Find out for yourself with just one easy SMS message! Here is what you do; type an SMS:

IC no: POLIS SAMAN [identification card no] or
Vehicle: POLIS SAMAN [car registration no.]


IC no: POLIS SAMAN 710503005100 or
Vehicle: POLIS SAMAN HW1234

Then send the SMS to 32728. It costs 15 sen to send and only 50 sen for each SMS reply.

If you think your vehicle may have more than a couple of traffic summonses you have options to type your message:

1. POLIS SAMAN [identification card no] SEMUA
The number of replies that you receive is based on how many outstanding traffic summons you have incurred.

2. POLIS SAMAN [car registration no.] [your email]
You will get an SMS reply stating the email address given and you will receive an email giving the detailed summary of the outstanding traffic summons.

For an email Example:

Car reg no. : POLIS SAMAN WH1234

IC no. : POLIS SAMAN 710503005100

Then send the SMS to 32728.

Try it! You'll be surprised...or...relieved.

Check PDRM Traffic Summons by SMS - a service provided by Celcom

Feeling guilty about that speed trap you passed? Get a confirmation from PDRM whether you and your vehicle are on their blacklist with the ultra-convenient Celcom SMS.

What you need:

    1. A mobile phone with SMS functions
    2. Your Identity Card (IC) number or company registration number
    3. Your car registration number

How to get:

Just follow these easy steps :

Step 1
Type "PDRM".

Step 2
Send to 21999.

Step 3
You will receive the Main Menu.

Select your choice and follow the instruction given. If customer select Check Summons, they will receive the following message :

Check Summons
A1<space>vehicle no.
A2<space>IC no / Company no.

Type A1 ABC123 or A2 788845105445
and send to 21999

If customer select Summons Alert, they will receive the following message :

Summon Alert
B1<space>vehicle no
B2<space>IC no / Company no.

Type B1 ABC123 or B2 788845105445
and send to 21999

If customer select PDRM Directory , they will receive the following message :

IPK Bkt Aman
IPK Johor
IPK Sarawak
IPK Slgr
List of IPK in M'sia

How much does it cost?

RM0.15 for each SMS sent
RM0.50 for each SMS received


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